We are convinced that practice is the way to detect and develop talents.
The Design Lab In.D allows all the students to test their know-how and their knowledge immediately.
The confrontation of ideas on concrete projects brought by partner companies will enrich creativity and lead to innovations.
The Design Lab works in collaboration with foreign laboratories, mainly China, on common projects.

Conditions of access

The access to the design Lab In.D is open

  • to the students and staff of the INNODESIGN INSTITUTE as soon as the first year.
  • to all the students and staff of partner institutions or schools on simple prior identification.
  • to the representatives of partner companies.
  • to the people on training.
  • to the school children in workshops.

Operating mode

The students work in this space on concrete projects submitted by companies or groups asking for proposals in their fields of expertise.
This training in the laboratory is an integral part of the studies curriculum and can be considered as short internship.

The projects being submitted to partner Design Labs, exchanges abroad might be set up.

One group of students and their supervisor per project.

Working group Task
Composition :

  • 2 students in design (Innodesign School)
  • 2 engineers (Engineers schools)
  • 2 technicians (IUT of Metz- University of Lorraine)
  • Students from business schools and communication schools

Each student from the working group creates their team on the specifications of the design brief prepared in a commission.

  • He is responsible of the works and exchanges with the other research groups.
  • He transfers the results of the research to the supervisor according to the agenda.
  • He organizes meetings for the opinion of the team and the designation of the promising projects.
Management :

  • A supervisor – qualified staff member of the Institute or external designer or student in Master section.
  • Professional who submits the project.
  • Others

The supervisor controls the advances of the research and the proposals.

  • He decides which proposals will be considered as relevant enough to be proposed to the professional.
  • He has the prototype made.
Operating mode :

  • Preparatory meeting to establish the specifications.
  • Reporting meetings about the works and proposals.
Satisfying the client who submitted the project
Presenting the final proposal with all the documents and prototypes to the sponsor by the supervisor.


Contact : contact@innodesign.fr