Because usage is a real subject and we are all concerned,
Because design and its methodology is the object of all our attention,
Because we need qualifies professionals and well trained designers to face the challenges of our society, we propose a higher education schedule in 5 years to form accomplished designers :

September 2018 September 2019 September 2020
Bachelor 1 : 1st year B1 B1 B1
Bachelor 2 : 2nd year B2 B2
Bachelor 3 : 3rd year B3 or DU level B3 B3 or DU level B3 B3 or DU level B3
Master 1 M1 M1 M1
Master 2 M2 M2

Because exchanges in an open world are the basis of research, we propose a French Chinese and global Higher Education Institution.
The Innodesign Institute recruitment will maintain a balance in the number of students of Chinese origins and western origins.
Our Chinese University partners will participate actively in the training of our students. They will support the internships and trainings in China for the western students and we will support the trainings and internships of Chinese students in France and Europe.
The teaching language in the Institution is English with the teaching of the basics in French and Chinese compulsory for the exchanges between these two countries.

Because any education and training must be strongly complemented by practice,
Because we can no longer consider that a training acquired in an even recent past doesn’t need up-dating,
We propose the opening of a research, training, conception centre, the Design Lab: IN.D with an access to the largest population.



Bachelors and Masters programmes or level I and level II

The Bachelor degree is a curriculum in accordance with the global standards, the Bachelor diploma is an equivalent to high school + 3.
The Master degree is a curriculum in accordance with the global standards, the Master is an equivalent to high school + 5.

Annual basis of 25 hours a week during 30 weeks – 2 semesters of 15 weeks
European Credits Transfer System per year : 60 ects.
Year completed and ECTS acquired after an examination and presentation of the projects on the basis of an average superior to 10/20 with a minimum of 8/20 in each unit
MCC : knowledge control methods
In agreement with the educational team and the lecturers, an exam in each Unit will be held at the end of each session.
It will be an oral or written presentation on a subject or an exercise given by the teacher or lecturer in charge with the courses.



Teaching and programmes managing staff :

Patrice Bourson

Patrice Bourson
Professor, Researcher
Directeur IUT GMP Metz

Aurélie Michel

Aurélie Michel
Université de Lorraine

Qian Yu

Qian Yu
PhD in applied languages

  • Active support and interventions from the members of the French Collective for Innovation and Design.
  • Outside lecturers (architects, artists, company managers, designers ..)
  • Researchers (conception,/design, materials, mechanics..)


The Innodesign Institute will open their classes in a perspective of adequacy with the demands of application as well as the registrations.

Opening 2018

  • 1st year : High School degree or equivalent – examination of the registration application by a committee, motivation interview and interview in English.
  • 3rd year : diploma attesting of the completion of 2 first years in a superior education curriculum – examination of the registration application by a committee, presentation of preliminary works ,motivation interview and interview in English.
  • 4th year : diploma attesting of a Bachelor level – examination of the registration application by a committee, presentation of the preliminary works, motivation interview and interview in English.

Registrations open

Registrations are open for 2018. In order to validate your registration, please download the registration form and join the following documents :

  • Completed registration form
  • Passport or ID card copy
  • Cover letter explaining the choice of the design school
  • Copy of the current year’s grade report
  • Any other document helping us to assess your curriculum

Please send the complete files to the following address :

Download registration form


The Innodesign Institute will complete all the procedures for the registration to the certification RNCP (National directory of Professional Certification) level II (Bachelor) and level I (Master) as soon as possible with the French regulatory services. The RNCP enables to list all the trainings and titles certified by the CNCP (National Commission of the Professional Certification).


The tuition fees are of 7500 € per year.
First instalment of 1500 € on the admission and 600 € per month for 10 months (September to June).
Eventually : we can help you in your research and financing procedures thanks to arrangements and partnerships we are establishing.


Mail :
Phone : +33 6 82 54 49 76