Let’s talk design

Cycle of 8 conferences in Metz

IUT GMP – Amphitéatre A – Université de Lorraine – Ile du Saulcy

This project is set in the approach of the installation of an Innovation and Design Superior School or Institute in Metz that should welcome students on the international level with a strong French
Chinese collaboration.

This 1st phase set up together with the University of Lorraine, should allow the students but also every public to apprehend a fast evolving future through a corporate culture oriented towards a
citizen behaviour and the challenge opened through the analysis of the needs and the answers
brought through innovation and design.

Let’s talk design : 8 conferences

Series of 8 lectures the themes of which are based on concrete experiences by Design actors.

Objectives :

Let's talk design conferences programme
MOOC Design of the université de Lorraine