waltritsch a+u | architetti urbanisti is operating since year 2001 in Trieste, Italy. The office activity is spanning between architecture, interior design and master planning. It offers professional skills, creative solutions and efficient professional services, in order to reach ultimate project quality in accordance to the client goal and ambition. Projects are approached mixing pragmatism with an optimistic stance, combining research and professional knowledge, to build specific and unique solutions as the best answer to the given task.
Among realized projects, the cultural KBcenter in Gorizia, the urban plan CasaNova for the extension of the city of Bolzano with 1.000 new homes and services, the Provincial Media Library Casiraghi in Gorizia, the renovation of the Cogeco headquarters in Trieste and the Qubik bars in Italy. Current work includes the Jia Ding International Community Masterplan in Shanghai (extension: 100 ha), the NUK Library in the listed building Trgovski Dom in Gorizia, the Reyhan Gate in Iran.
Dimitri Waltritsch is teaching Architectural Design at the Trieste Faculty of Architecture, has been teaching Urban Design at the Ferrara Faculty of Architecture, has been juror for the Österreicher Bauherren Preis and the Innodesign France, has lectured at the Columbia University New York, The Berlage Institute in Amsterdam, the Universities of Venezia and Firenze, the Haus der Architektur in Graz and Klagenfurt, the FengYuZhu in Shanghai, and the Krost in Moscow.