Let’s talk Design

ParlonsDesign :

8 lectures in 8 months by designers and design actors aimed at students and every public interested
in this job of designer and the new processes of creation.
The excessive and restrictive French use of the term « design » as a qualification meaning trendy and
contemporary asks for clarifications and further information.
Informing about what the profession of designer is about, their place in the creation and their more
and more pregnant role in our society is one of the topics of parlonsdesign.
We talk about anthropocentric creation at a moment when communication, production, research and
innovation tools are developing fast, a challenge for all of us.
We also talk about another approach of usage and marketing, customized production thanks to new
Parlons design talks about what we are concerned with and offers fields of exploration of the
concepts and the possibilities of professionalization.
All this « live » at the Institute of Technology GMP, amphitheatre A, University of Lorraine in Metz or
very soon on the websites of INNODESIGN or the University of Lorraine as a MOOC.

MOOC ou DU – Uni lorr – Let’s talk design